ONIS Technology

morEnergy originated from the network impedance research. As a Hamburg based company we want to offer our technology to the world market to support decentralized power generation. With our patented Online Network Impedance Spectrometer ONIS high-frequency power quality measurements can be performed. Our speciality is network impedance measurement for the detection of dangerous resonances up to 50 kHz in the power grid. With this solution we stand out from the competition and can detect problems before they occur. We offer on-site measurements to identify weak points and, as experts, we can show you proposed solutions.

Photovoltaic power plants – Preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.

The ONIS measuring device can be used to measure and analyze currents, voltages and impedances of renewable generation plants and their grid connection points at high frequency. In doing so, status information of relevant component groups as well as of the grid connection can be determined. In addition, recommendations for action for the controller parameters and the filter design of the installed inverters can be developed in order to optimally adapt the plants to the local connection point and thus avoid failures due to insufficient control.

Electric drive for elevator systems testing and troubleshooting

With our ONIS technology, we can determine whether the control system is running stably or whether a component in the electric drive system is defective. In this process, we determine the causes of malfunction and can make recommendations through our measurements to make the system stable and reliable.

Electric propulsion of rail vehicles testing of electric railroads

With our ONIS 36kV technology, we can determine whether the railroad’s control system is running stably or not. We determine the causes of instabilities and thus can issue a recommendation to make the system stable after our measurements

MoMe – Grid Monitoring

MoMe (spoken Monitoring Me) is our answer to the digitalization possibilities of distribution networks. With our monitoring functions, we optimise the distribution network where it is needed, without the need for additional investment. Our MoMe-IoT platform enables efficient and secure data transfer between the measuring units and our web servers. Our Distributed System Units create the conditions for the smart network of tomorrow. Learn more about our technologies and case studies on request.

  • Optimize investments in the network
  • Permanently monitor and continuously improve the network status
  • Network expansion: as much as necessary – as little as possible
  • Minimize downtime
  • Optimal utilization of networks and operating resources
  • Health monitoring for a long-lasting network (AI)
  • Smart Grid Analysis (AI vulnerability assessment)
  • Power Quality Monitoring (AI)
  • Preventive Maintenance (AI-controlled)

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