gridDNA concept

The gridDNA concept is an innovative overall solution from morEnergy, where DNA stands for “dynamic network analyser”. It enables the decoding of the DNA of different grid forms and grid configurations. The fact is that every power grid has its own special characteristics, which are shaped by a wide variety of external and internal influencing factors. Thus, no two grids are alike. It is important to decode the gridDNA in order to better understand your grid and to be able to use its performance much more optimally.

Learn the topography of your network

  • Every network has its own DNA 
  • Crack the DNA of your network with gridDNA and unlock the full capacity 
  • Many factors influence the network, such as network topography, network size, connected devices and many more. 
  • The combined measurement with our two, complementary measuring devices enables a significantly better data quality. 
  • Get to know your network better by knowing exactly which factors have an influence on the network 
  • Optimise your network, increase the performance of your business and make your company more profitable

Network of the future – gridDNA

  • Areas of application are on-board power supply systems of e.g. ships, trains or aircraft, renewable energy systems, conservative power generation systems, e-mobility or industrial systems and many more. 
  • Combination of long-term and short-term measurements from our ONIS and MoMe measurement systems result in unbeatable data quality 
  • Evaluation and analysis of the data by the experienced morEnergy team: here we crack the DNA code of your grid 
  • Tailor-made solutions and recommendations for action that fit your ideas and your company 
  • Increased efficiency through more network knowledge!