Grid analyses & PQ

Reliably recognise grid perturbations and grid faults with the help of a grid analysis

Grid analysis enables the precise detection of grid disturbances and feedback effects that can lead to technical defects and economic losses, such as harmonics, flicker and voltage fluctuations. morEnergy offers its own advanced measurement technology to quickly and reliably assess the power quality in energy supply grids. Our experts carry out on-site analyses in industrial plants, transport networks and building systems, use advanced software for grid simulations and help with the planning of new installations. An extensive pool of devices enables the simultaneous monitoring of several measuring points and the remote analysis of grid conditions over longer periods of time.

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PQ REPORT – Reports

Customised reports summarise our measurement results. We process the measurement data and present the results in a modern and clear way. Whether you need a short QUICK CHECK or a detailed PREMIUM REPORT, we make sure you receive the report that makes your work easier

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Our network analyses provide you with fast and efficient access to identify and solve network problems at an early stage. Depending on your specific requirements, our services range from a quick check of the power quality to an in-depth investigation by our team of experts directly on your premises.

Simulation of power grids

Performing complex calculations and detailed simulations using advanced software tools such as Matlab Simscape Electrical™ and DIgSILENT PowerFactory® enables in-depth analysis and modelling of electrical systems and grids.

Power Quality Assessment

Customised reports record our measurements and analyses with the aim of finding a suitable solution to your grid problems. morEnergy stands for professional planning and execution. We support you in the implementation of strategies to improve grid quality.