ONIS in Rotterdam im Einsatz

Grid impedance in the Netherlands

At the end of April, we had the privilege of traveling to Rotterdam for valuable discussions with a leading maritime system integrator. The meeting was not only characterized by a very positive atmosphere but also provided the opportunity to speak to Dutch islands grid experts. Our discussion partners showed great interest in our use case for replicating network impedance, particularly in solutions for improving network impedance and controlling harmonics in island networks. Knowledge of network impedance is crucial for optimizing network quality and performance, which in turn enables more efficient utilization and reduced energy losses.

Additionally, we met with various experts from Dutch network operators who demonstrated fascinating developments in the Smart Home/Smart Grid sector. The technical facilities and networks, including the laboratory network with 360 kVA 1000V and a 360 KW 1000 V DC source, were impressive. Their management and optimization through innovative Smart Grid solutions, which also focus on reducing harmonics and improving network impedance, offer exciting approaches for future projects.

These discussions underline the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange between leading network experts to achieve real progress in network technology. The ability to minimize network issues through advanced technologies is a key aspect of our mission to increase efficiency and sustainability in energy-intensive industries.

We are motivated and inspired by the opportunities that arise from these meetings and look forward to our next trip to the Netherlands to further advance our vision.