Successful Power Quality Workshop with the technical University of Munich

With researchers from the TU München, TU Braunschweig and RWTH Aachen, as well as representatives of various municipal utility in Bavaria, we discussed about current challenges of the network operator and the plant operator in terms of network quality (Power Quality). This theme is very complex and the effect can not be always assigned to a specific cause. Core message of the workshop: problems in the power grid, particularly caused by network resonances. With conventional measurement technology, these resonances are not easy to identify. The network impedance measurement technology of the morEnergy GmbH can determine within a few seconds of these resonances. On the basis of the information, network operators, and equipment and filter manufacturers purposefully initiate action to prevent errors and failures. Thank you for the Organisation of the workshop by the technical University of Munich (faculty of electrical engineering and information technology, subject area Electrical energy supply networks)!