morEnergy invites: Conference of the Grid Impedance Association on October 29

The energy industry is undergoing global change. On the one hand, rapid climate change is forcing us to reduce greenhouse gases, while on the other hand the reserves of fossil fuels are shrinking enormously due to the ever-increasing demand for energy. The more efficient use of fossil fuels through combined heat and power generation and decentralized energy supply concepts based on renewable energy sources can make a valuable contribution to solving these problems. Electricity grids are the backbone of a reliable supply system, the digitalization of which is currently being advanced at a rapid pace. The association for grid impedance (Interessenverband Netzimpedanz) focuses on all problems and challenges related to network expansion and network reinforcement. With their experience, experts from research and industry contribute to making the topic of network and network quality more visible, in order to jointly contribute to a better power supply.

To take another step in the right direction, we would like to invite you to the 1st meeting of the Interessenverband Netzimpedanz on 29th of October 2020 starting 14:00 CET. The topic is: The future of grid quality – challenges and opportunities of a decentralized power supply with broad use of e-mobility.

The event will be broadcast live as an online event from the premises of the Ingenieurwerk Hamburg in Zoom. 

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14:00 Welcome and lecture by Prof. Schulz (HSU-HH)

14:20 Lecture Prof. Liserre (University of Kiel)

14:40 Lecture in English Prof. Bumiller (Hochschule Ruhr West)

Break 10 min

15:10 Lecture in English Prof. Roggo (HES-SO Valais-Wallis)

15:30 Lecture Dipl.-Ing Stiegler (TU Dresden)

15:50 Lecture by Gernot Pammer (EGSTON Power Electronics GmbH)

Break 10min

16:20 to 17:00 Discussion Panel Research, Economy and Grid Operators