ONIS measuring device detects grid resonances at the charging point for e-mobiles

ONIS meter detects grid resonances at e-mobile charging point: a breakthrough in decentralised energy supply

The ONIS meter is a groundbreaking development in the energy supply industry. It is specifically designed to detect grid resonances at the charging point for e-mobiles and to measure the frequency-dependent grid impedance. This advanced technology not only improves power quality, but also supports the promotion of decentralised energy supply.

What you need to know:

  • The ONIS meter uses innovative technologies to accurately detect resonance and measure frequency-dependent grid impedance at e-mobile charging points.
  • By improving power quality, the efficiency and lifetime of electric vehicles and chargers can be increased.
  • ONIS is an effective tool for corporate grid managers to promote and optimise decentralised energy supply.
  • The use of ONIS helps to avoid grid instabilities and contributes to ensuring the reliability and security of the energy supply.
  • Precise resonance detection for optimised grid quality

The ONIS meter is characterised by its ability to precisely detect grid resonances at the charging point for e-mobiles. This technology uses advanced algorithms to identify and analyse the resonances. This detailed analysis allows potential problems to be detected and rectified at an early stage in order to optimise the grid quality.

Frequency-dependent mains impedance measurement

Another advantage of the ONIS meter is the ability to measure the frequency-dependent grid impedance at the charging point. These measurements are crucial to improve power quality. Accurate knowledge of the grid impedance makes it possible to optimise the energy flow and increase the efficiency and service life of the chargers and electric vehicles.

Promoting decentralised energy supply

The ONIS meter is more than just a tool to improve power quality. It is also an effective tool for promoting decentralised energy supply. By improving the power quality, electric vehicles can be charged more efficiently and safely, which promotes the use of renewable energy and decentralised energy supply. ONIS thus offers corporate grid operators an effective solution for optimising their energy supply and meeting the challenges of the energy transition.