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Voltage Range

  • ONIS 600: from 70 V up to 400 V
  • ONIS 1000: from 70 V up to 690 V
Frequency Range

  • Modell Classic: DC up to 20 kHz
  • Modell Premium: DC up to 150 kHz
  • Modell Plus: DC up to 500 kHz

Additional Modules

PQ Pro module
The PQ Pro module gives you a complete picture of harmonics on the grid connection under investigation. The ONIS makes it easier to visualize not only the symptoms but also the causes of harmonics. All relevant characteristic values are calculated and displayed in accordance with DIN EN 61000-4-7.
Current and power module
The module enables the recording and analysis of currents and system outputs. This enables further recording of grid points and systems, as the current is also analysed at high frequency and the calculation of complex electrical power is made possible. As the current and power module is an extension module for the PQ Pro module, the PQ Pro module must also be ordered when purchasing the current and power module.
Sub-Cycle Impedance
Determine the so-called sub-cycle impedance, i.e. the impedance of a specific period of the periodic sinusoidal oscillation of the mains voltage. The sub-cycle impedance is of interest because some power electronic systems are particularly active at the voltage maximum of the sinusoidal mains voltage.
Digital Twin
The Digital Twin module makes it easy to analyse the network impedance measurements recorded with the ONIS in simulations or in the laboratory. The module is divided into two sub-modules: impedance synthesis and impedance replication.
Software Interface (API access)
The ONIS can be individually configured and automated using the open software interface (API). This enables the precise setting of impedance measurements as well as PQ measurements.
Battery Box
The battery box further increases the mobility and flexibility of the ONIS measuring system and the measuring system can be operated independently of a mains supply for a certain period of time. This prevents the ONIS power supply unit from influencing the impedance measurement.
Network nominal frequency extension
In its basic state, the ONIS can be used to measure impedance at grid connection points with a nominal grid frequency of 50 and 60 Hz. If the ONIS is to be used in networks with other nominal network frequencies, nominal network frequencies from DC to 800 Hz can be realised.
Mains simulation in accordance with DIN IEC/TS 62578 is a three-phase measurement and reference tool that is used to evaluate interference emission values and harmonic distortions of inverters.

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