Article from the BWE Industry Report – Start ups 2021 “morEnergy – Grid integration of wind energy”.

morEnergy GmbH was founded in 2015 and is a manufacturer of innovative metering devices for the energy industry. morEnergy stands for sustainable, green and intelligent power supply through smart grids.

The founding idea – The Online Network Impedance Spectrometer (ONIS)

The expansion and extension of wind power plants (WTGs) over the last 20 years has posed new challenges for the grids. The wind turbines use modern high-performance converter systems and generally operate without any problems. However, the reliability of the systems requires that the interactions between frequency converters and the power grid have been well estimated when designing the controller. If this is not the case, instabilities occur during operation which can lead to system failures. morEnergy’s ONIS technology proactively prevents system integration problems and thus system and revenue losses. With ONIS-690V local and frequency dependent network impedances of connection points in low voltage networks are measured fast, objectively and during operation. The network short-circuit power from the network connection points can be determined and thus the connection conformity of wind turbines can be evaluated, especially taking into account their harmonics and other network repercussions. Furthermore, the increasing use of inverter systems by fast-charging systems of electric cars, high-rise elevators, server farms or photovoltaic systems in the supply grid must not be ignored, as they further intensify existing harmonic and power quality problems.

Impedance measurement thus makes an important contribution to the grid integration of decentralized solutions in the distribution grid and thus promotes the development of a sustainable infrastructure. In addition, objectively measured frequency responses can be used to assess much more precisely whether wind turbines comply with the applicable PQ regulations. ONIS – so that the full performance potential of wind turbines can be utilized.

The Next Step – the MoMe for Network 4.0

However, grid impedance measurements are only used selectively to avoid or eliminate problems. This does not yet make existing networks smart. However, smart grids are necessary for the full potential of wind turbines to be able to compensate for power fluctuations. Therefore morEnergy’s MoMe (MonitoringMe) is the answer to the digitalization pressure of networks. The MoMe-IoT platform enables efficient and secure data transfers between the measuring units and the web servers. Via the intuitive MoMe web portal, morEnergy customers can access the distribution network data in real time and the collected measurement data is used to simulate the effects of performance changes on the network in real time. This enables an unprecedented supply quality to be displayed and network operators can use real-time data for troubleshooting. This overview also enables early warning messages to be issued in the event of critical operating states. In addition, MoMe gives the user an overview of the aging of the equipment and preventive maintenance measures can be planned and initiated before failures occur.

Conclusion – ONIS combined with MoMe – the electrical supply network 4.0

The interaction of ONIS and MoMe enables unprecedented real-time load management for voltage maintenance and prevention of network overloads, including predictive maintenance. Wind turbines and other generators can be connected where it is technically and economically most sensible. Unnecessary costs of grid upgrades are avoided and sources of error are proactively identified and eliminated.