Because safe is always better! We inspect according to DGUV V3 regulations.

The DGUV V3 statutory safety inspection is a must, because anyone who does not have their electrical premises inspected at least every 4 years with regard to electrical hazards to persons is liable to prosecution in case of doubt.

We offer the whole package and are on site quickly and flexibly to put your facility through its paces. We come to you and inspect the medium-voltage transformer and the medium-voltage cable, then carry out a visual inspection and conclude the service with the connection inspection. We also check the protective equipotential bonding of the high-voltage system and the connected monitoring devices. Optionally, we can also carry out a complete protection test according to VDE 4110.

In a nutshell, our scope of testing includes:

  • Safety test according to DGUV V3 medium voltage
  • Preparation of a test report
  • Mechanical function checks
  • Visual inspection for mechanical damage, corrosion/condensation, exposure to animals and level of insulating gas
  • Cable for visible damage and traces of partial discharges
  • Check of live cable outlet panels
  • Checking the UMZ protection function of the medium-voltage switchgear
  • Checking the HH fuse release actuation and the fuse release

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