morEnergy and photovoltaic experts from greentech cooperate in the field of high-frequency analysis

Together with greentech, the experts for technical consulting and operational management of large-scale photovoltaic systems, we are launching a partnership in high-frequency analysis of PV systems. In doing so, our partner greentech uses our technology. Here, our ONIS measuring devices measure currents, voltages and resonances up to 150 kHz by means of a very high sampling rate and identify hidden and avoidable loads to which the respective plant components are exposed on the grid. In this way, we enable greentech to perform a network analysis that goes far beyond the usual standard measurements.

Why is a cooperation making sense?

Modern, power electronic systems nowadays pulse frequencies above 2 kHz. Due to network resonances and poorly dimensioned or damaged filters, increased supraharmonic current and voltage levels can occur. “Especially in high power systems, it is not uncommon for components such as filters, cables or transformers to heat up unacceptably, resulting in faster aging and defects in the components and ultimately a failure of the system,” explains our CTO and Co-Founder Dr.-Ing. Michael Jordan. “The standard setter still insufficiently deals with these power quality effects in the super-harmonic frequency range, as these effects are complex and difficult to understand,” says our measurement technology expert. “That’s why we developed our measurement device to cover exactly this range. We are pleased to be able to offer this application to the PV industry as part of our collaboration with greentech.”

What does greentech say?

For PV system operators, this special analysis method not only provides comprehensive insight into the grid topography – it also reduces maintenance costs and yield losses. “With morEnergy, we have an expert partner on the subject of grid effects and grid monitoring at our side, with whom we can jointly take the subject of power quality of PV systems to the next level,” says greentech managing director Jörn Carstensen, pleased. greentech is on site to carry out measurements with the ONIS measuring device and is responsible for accompanying customers from the initial recording, through analysis, to the development of measures to eliminate sources of interference. “We are convinced that we can thus offer our customers real added value in terms of the longevity, yield security and transparency of their plant,” Carstensen explains further.

About morEnergy

We are an innovative engineering company for power grids and renewable energies based in Hamburg and aim to contribute to the energy transition. Our unique selling point is the determination of grid impedance. For this purpose we have developed measuring devices for the low and medium voltage level. Our devices can not only measure power quality, but we go one level further and determine the network topography up to the 500 kHz range if required. This enables us to achieve an unprecedented level of detail. Figuratively speaking, we turn a current 2D representation into a 3D real-time image of the electrical networks. For more information, please visit our website.

About greentech

greentech is a service company specializing in the technical and commercial management and engineering of photovoltaic plants. With an interdisciplinary team of experienced experts, greentech offers a full-service operational management concept for PV systems of all sizes, as well as services for quality assurance and yield maximization. The company works independently of component manufacturers and general contractors and thus exclusively represents the interests of plant owners.