DGUV V3 Windkraftanlage

DGUV V3 – Which safety checks are necessary?

In the wind energy industry, safety is essential for the successful and trouble-free operation of wind turbines. Regular safety inspections are therefore essential. DGUV Regulation 3 provides the legal framework for the inspection of electrical systems and equipment. morEnergy offers you a comprehensive and professional DGUV V3 inspection for wind turbines that not only fulfils the legal requirements, but also exceeds them in many respects.

You need to know this:

  • DGUV V3 is a legally prescribed safety inspection for electrical systems and equipment.
  • Wind turbines and associated equipment must be inspected at least every four years in accordance with DGUV V3.
  • morEnergy carries out tests focussing in particular on low voltage, medium voltage and lightning protection.
  • The morEnergy test team consists of specially trained electricians with the necessary switching authorisations and state-of-the-art measuring equipment.
  • Since 2015, morEnergy has been carrying out DGUV V3 tests across all manufacturers, including the special “morEnergy pre-flight checks”.
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The necessity of DGUV V3 inspections

Carrying out DGUV V3 inspections is not only required by law, but is also a critical part of your wind turbine maintenance strategy. These inspections ensure operational safety and help to recognise damage or failures at an early stage. They also protect you as the operator from possible fines and criminal penalties in the event of non-compliance with safety regulations.

Comprehensive scope of testing at morEnergy

morEnergy understands that a thorough inspection of all safety-relevant components of a wind turbine is crucial. Therefore, the DGUV V3 inspection at morEnergy not only includes the inspection of the low-voltage level, but also includes medium-voltage and lightning protection tests. We test transformers, medium-voltage switchgear and carry out tests on power cables.

Qualified experts for your plant safety

The morEnergy team consists of specialised electricians who undergo continuous internal and external training. With our ONIS devices, which act as resonance detectors, we are able to detect faults in the electrical grid environment. This enables us to predict future failures or increased wear and tear on electrical components.

Customised test procedures for each wind turbine

The morEnergy pre-flight checks represent customised test procedures that are developed specifically for each type of system. Under the direction of Dr Michael Jordan, an experienced specialist in the field of DGUV V3 inspections, morEnergy ensures that every system is inspected with the utmost care and assessed according to the latest technical standards.


Safety in wind farms requires expertise and precision. morEnergy offers you a comprehensive DGUV V3 inspection that goes far beyond the fulfilment of legal requirements and guarantees the operational safety of your turbines. With morEnergy as your partner, you can rest assured that your wind turbines have undergone the necessary safety checks and are therefore optimally positioned for the future.