The morEnergy test method – On the safe side with low voltage, medium voltage and lightning protection

Wind turbines, transfer stations and transformer stations must be inspected at least every four years in accordance with DGUV regulation 3 to ensure operational safety and to avoid fines and penal sanctions. morEnergy has many years of experience in testing and is qualified to test the system technology of all manufacturers through continuous internal and external training. We pay particular attention to the scope of the inspection. This means that we not only test each wind farm on the low-voltage side, but also carry out the necessary measurements on the medium-voltage side, as well as testing the lightning protection. Our scope of testing includes, for example, transformers, medium-voltage switchgear and testing the power cables.

Unique added value of morEnergy: DGUV V3 inspection for wind turbines

The morEnergy team consists of specially trained electricians who have undergone further training for the low and medium voltage level and have the legally required switching authorizations. In addition to the minimum legal requirements, we test all systems with our own ONIS devices, which serve as resonance detectors and thus find faults in the higher-frequency electrical grid environment of the wind farm and can identify future failures or increased wear on the electrical components.

WKA inspection

  • Safety test according to DGUV V3 medium voltage
  • Checking the HH fuse tripping
  • Inspection of the switchgear, opening the cable outlet panels to the transformer
  • Inspection of the medium-voltage transformer and the medium-voltage cable
  • Checking the live cable feeder panels for partial discharges
  • Checking the monitoring equipment
  • Checking the UMZ protection function of the medium-voltage switchgear
  • Checking the protective equipotential bonding of the HV system
  • Separate testing of the grid decoupling protection device (optional)

Basis for inspection

  • DGUV Regulation 3: Accident Prevention Regulation – Electrical Installations and Equipment (dated 1 April 1979 in the version dated 1 January 1997)
  • VDE 0127-24:2018-03: Wind turbines – Part 24: Lightning protection
  • VDE 0105-100:2015-10: Operation of electrical installations, Part 100: General specification
  • DIN 4844-2:2012-12: Graphical symbols – Safety colours and safety signs Part 2: Registered safety signs
  • VDE-AR-N 4110 Application Rule 2018-11: Technical Rules for the Connection of Customer Installations to the Medium-Voltage Network and their Operation (TAR Mittelspannung)

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